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After decades of time selling real estate in our Queens, Forest Hills, and Long Island City, I've been on the cutting edge of the growth of both value and expansion in these amazing sections of New York City. Forest Hills - a suburb in the city. Long Island City, urban life personified, and Queens, where family and a growing culture has made the value of an investment here well crazy! 

I don't care if your first foray into the areas I serve is a rental - in fact what better way to test the waters and make sure you want to call the neighborhood home. Or, if you want to sell your apartment and buy something else. It's all the same to me. It's about finding the perfect fit for whatever your goal in housing is. 

I have a wonderful team working with me. Argo owns a number of buildings in the area, and I will be first to market with availability in those buildings, and because we manage many units in the area, I can assist you with whatever you need to get your home the way you want it. 

I hope to hear from you. I hope you choose my hood! - Jodi 

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